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Hub City Derby Dames

The Hub City Derby Dames are a non-profit organization formed to foster national and international amateur flat track roller derby competitions. We consist of the Southern Misfits and the Hattiesburg Hooligans. As the first (and only) all-girl flat-track roller derby team in Hattiesburg, MS, the Derby Dames offer, through open doors and open minds, all able bodied females 18 and up a chance to experience roller derby no matter their sexual orientation, physical attributes, education or ethnicity.

We support self-confidence, strength, empowerment, and individuality in all of our Derby sisters both on and off the track. We push ourselves as individuals and as a team to perform at the best of our ability and to represent Roller Derby in a positive light. The safety of our skaters is our first priority, we put forth nothing less than our best effort to teach proper technique and insist on roller derby grade safety equipment to participate in all practices and bouts. We are a WFTDA Apprentice league and the rules, regulations and standards of play set forth by WFTDA are upheld to maintain the integrity of the sport. 

HCDD travels far and wide — from Texas to Florida — to bout against other teams. We also participate in national roller derby events such as Running of the Bulls in New Orleans, and Rollercon (the ultimate derby convention) in Las Vegas. Drew Barrymore, who produced and acted in the roller derby film, “Whip It,” has a Southern Misfits T-shirt that was given to her at the film’s premiere by two of our own original Misfits. Quamasutra, one of our own infinitely knowledgeable referees, had an article featured in Five on Five (the official magazine of WFTDA). Our league loves roller derby and Hattiesburg. One of our main goals is to give back to the community. Our teams participate in charity events and have raised money for many local charities.


On February 22, 2008, 25 girls in Hattiesburg, MS responded to a newspaper ad because they were interested in kicking *booty* and taking names. They started Hattiesburg's only roller derby team that would one day be known as the Southern Misfits. Founders Bianca Bullet and Roxy Revolver were thrilled to have so many girls who wanted to join them in their awesome endeavor. After the initial wave of girls was weeded out, a dedicated group of nine fierce and fearsome girls stuck it out for a whole year of practice before competing in the Misfit's first bout.

Now, the Southern Misfits are considered the league's A-team.

THE HATTIESBURG HOOLIGANS (currently inactive)
Riding the success of their 2010 season, the reputation of the Southern Misfits grew. Soon they became overwhelmed with influx after influx of spanking new Fresh Meatz! With so many girls packed together at once, they noticed they weren’t able to spend as much quality time putting the beat down on the newer ones. There was little time to show newer recruits the ropes and give them a good foundation in derby rules and techniques. Whatever were they to do?

Several veteran members contemplated consolidating the newer recruits into their own team, while keeping them under the league name. Sounded like a good idea.

So, at the tail end of the 2010 season, the Hattiesburg Hooligans were born!

They bear a four-leaf clover logo backed on bright kelly green. Why, you ask? Why the heck not! This awesome team is made up of [mostly] spunky new recruits. (Though sometimes they sub for the Misfits and vice versa.) These babes have been all over the South from Panama City to Birmingham. But don’t call them a B-Team…unless “B” stands for Awesome!

We in the derby world couldn’t be prouder to have them under the Hub City Derby Dames umbrella!

(The Hooligans actually are the B-team! B as in Bodacious!)

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